Friday, 4 January 2013



The weekend of football in Spain starts this afternoon with the match Zaragoza-Betis.

The referee for this match is Jose Antonio Txeiria  , he is a referee who shows a lot of cards .

The bet I like for this match is Zaragoza over 2,5 yellow cards .

This line appears so low because Zaragoza is the local team , but Jose Antonio Txeiria is a referee who has no problems to show yellow cards to the local team , in this season in 10 matches in 8 of them the local team has received more than 2 yellow cards and in one of the two when there were less than 3 the local team was the Real Madrid.

The previous season in 21 matches , in 18 the local team received more than 2 yellow cards and the 3 other matches , two of them were played in the pitch of Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Zaragoza has received more than 2 yellow cards in 10 of 17 matches .In all of the last 5 matches played in the Zaragoza pitch , the local team received more than 2 yellow cards.

I think the match is going to be really interesting with two teams that are getting with results , Zaragoza wants to improve their results in front of their supporters  and Betis wants to starts this year with an aside winning after the last defeat at home last year.

In a match like this with a referee like Jose Antonio I don´t see any problem for the local team to receive 3 yellow cards.

Team 1 over 2,5 yellow cards  
Stake 2/10  

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